'ITCH' by Joe Hesketh Opens February 2019

'ITCH' will be a thought provoking candy coloured experience, sensuous and dizzy where fun and fear run hand in hand. Film, sculpture, painting and music, a happening.

."Joe Hesketh is obviously a character and it shows in her large and brazenly sensuous paintings… Hesketh gives oils the translucent resonance of watercolours… this alone invests her improvisations with the heady dizziness of highly ambivalent dreams. You’re never quite sure whether what’s going on is a matter of fun or fear."The Guardian


'FOGEYS' by David Stewart Opens April 2019

David Stewart began his career taking snaps of holiday makers on Morecambe Promenade, since then he has become an internationally recognised photographer working in the advertising industry.

David has featured in many books and magazines as well as exhibiting in major galleries here and abroad.

'Fogeys' was last seen at the ICA London to critical acclaim, it portrays a affectionate and irreverent rethinking of old age. Kitsch cartoon Images of pensioners behaving badly, something Morecambe is famous for.


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