The White Elephant Contemporary Gallery, The Arndale Centre, Morecambe, UK

Something is happening in the small, almost forgotten seaside town of Morecambe on England's north west coast. It is a place that has spent the last 30 to 40 years in a state of long slow decline. It now languishes in crumbling splendour overlooked by the majestic Cumbrian mountains.

Now its long period of hibernation may be coming to an end. Green shoots of recovery have been reported and none more symptomatic than The White Elephant Contemporary Gallery which sprang into life in April 2018. Since then it has staged five different exhibitions each radical and exciting in their own way. The creative team behind this new gallery goes by the name of The Karabekian/Nagardo Foundation. At the centre of this outfit is Paul Kondras and Neil Wilson. Two renegades from the corporate world and state sector, respectively. They call The White Elephant Contemporary a 'centre for creative consumerism'. It is already having a catalytic effect on the concrete shopping centre it is situated in. So much so that the parent company that own the struggling retail venue are beginning to think that just maybe this gallery is pointing the way to a new future.

Paul and Neil say they are reinventing the gallery form. Unlike so many contemporary galleries that are so often cold and forbidding, they have created a warm, hospitable and conversational space for 'gallery virgins' and the initiated, resulting in a foot fall that would be the envy of any commercial or municipal gallery in the region. 

The White Elephant Gallery is open Thursdays to Saturdays

10am till 4pm



Tel: 07718890380

12 Royalty Mal, Arndale Centre, Morecambe LA4 5DH

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