I cant quite remember where I first came across Kondras. Was it in a group therapy session in Oslo or Swansea? Was it at some cultural art event in Manhattan or Malawi? Or was on a barricade the night before some insurrection? Who's knows, who cares. What ever the case may be our story starts a long time ago in a semi derelict block on the outskirts of town called Oblivion. Kondras was there clambering through the rubble and dust looking for “a location”. Suddenly the last rays of the sun picked out what appeared to be a small round object resting on a large heavy beam that seemed to hold the whole building together. He reached up and pulled down what looked like a small figure 2 or 3 inches high. Dusting it off he could clearly see a small crouched man holding his own knees. “Little man...where have you come from?” the words seem to speak themselves.From that day on the little man has never left him, as if gripped by an unknown power Kondras was set on a journey to answer the question what is this, where does it come from and what does it mean? At times it has seemed like a curse at other times more like a blessing. In the beginning Kondras became fixated, some would say obsessed with the figure, eventually leading him to Zurich and to the door of one of that cities most illustrious Jungian analysts. Some say to “find answers” others say to save his own mind from tumbling into the abyss of chaos. In later years Kondras has come to think maybe the purpose of the little man was to send him on a journey to find answers to the big questions who are we, what are we, and why are we. Kondras has come to realise these are no idle questions, knowing that others have ventured into this realm to return changed and not in a good way. Sometimes Kondras feels it would have been better to have lived an ordinary provincial life fading away in a haze of quotidian banality. But fate, the gods, who ever would not allow this. Kondras knows the little man will go on long after he has gone and maybe it has always been around and always will be, and being under its spell for ones allotted time seems to conveys a certain immortality. For sure the little man is very very old and we can catch glimpses of him in disparate cultures from across the globe and across time. Empires can come and go but he will remain, mostly buried in their remains like some sacred relic or discarded piece of detritus.

Oulan NagardoBudapest, Hungary 2018.  

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